Asterism is not just here to learn how to “manage up” better. Or how to show up confidently despite impostor syndrome. This is branding guide I made for this new venture.


Auto Discovery increased 9% for setup completion

Once a customer opens their Echo Buds case, an Auto Discovery Card shows up in the Alexa app. I designed the gentle prompt to pair Echo buds within two-taps. The challenge to trigger this card was the customer needed to have granted the Alexa app location permissions. 


Educating customers for mic alignment & ear tip fit

Improper bud aligment created a suboptimal voice experience. Simply put, the microphones could point away from a customer's mouth. Also, without a proper ear tip fit, a loose seal could occur. So your Migos track would lack bass and noise cancellation wouldn't be as effective.


The default ear tips were estimated to fit 51% of customers. So 3 additional sizes were included.
Wing tips were added to help with keeping the buds in ear during workouts.