Echo Buds is everything you love about Alexa, on-the-go. For my second release, I took my learnings & reduced friction for customers in setup. I increased feature education for ear tip fit, tap gestures, & noise cancellation. Also, improved the voice interaction with Alexa.


Auto Discovery increased 9% for setup completion

Once a customer opens their Echo Buds case, an Auto Discovery Card shows up in the Alexa app. I designed the gentle prompt to pair Echo buds within two-taps. The challenge to trigger this card was the customer needed to have granted the Alexa app location permissions. 


Educating customers for mic alignment & ear tip fit

Improper bud aligment created a suboptimal voice experience. Simply put, the microphones could point away from a customer's mouth. Also, without a proper ear tip fit, a loose seal could occur. So your Migos track would lack bass and noise cancellation wouldn't be as effective.


The default ear tips were estimated to fit 51% of customers.
So 3 additional sizes were included.

Wing tips were added to help with keeping the buds in ear during workouts.




Wing tips helped some customers for mic alignment to their mouth which meant better quality calls and Alexa can pickup your requests consistently. So, I educated customers on how to find the right fit.  I lead the design team to create illustrations & Lottie animations to show proper bud alignment in ear and wing tip installation. 

“Our primary design tenet was always about comfort. A majority of beta customers said they are now using the included wing tips, 57% up from 41%. So, we educated customers in the app through a sound test that provided an ear tip fit rating.” 

"The 2021 Echo Buds strike a balance of features that’s downright impressive at their selling price. They’re a considerable upgrade from the first-gen earbuds in comfort with improved noise cancellation to boot." 

Chris Welch, The Verge






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